01- Moonblade: Wolf-like features with knives, gravity powers and light. (from the moon Selene)

02- Flamebow: Bow and arrow, fire control, and healing (from the sun Helios)

03- Deadblack: Scepter, Darkness and Dead Control (from the planet Pluto)

04- Warmachine: Invulnerability, Strength, and Sword (from the planet Mars)

05- Naturefaun: Faun-like, Chlorokinesis and Fear Inducing Scream (from the planet Faunus)

06- : Lightning, Storms and Airbending (from the planet Jupiter)

07- Timereaper: Chronokinesis and Scythe (from the planet Saturn)

08- Mindbattle: High Intellect, dagger, Levitation and Mind Beams (from the planet Minerva)

09- Seastorm: Hydrokinesis, Trident, and Cryokinesis (from the planet Neptune)

10- : Sleep and Hypnokinesis (Hypnotism and Dreams) (from the planet Somnus)

11- Magmachine: Pyrokinesis and Machines (from the planet Vulcan)

12- : Powerful Terrakinesis, large hammer, and Ferrokinesis (form the planet Terra)

13- Luckpoint: Immense Probability (from the planet Fortuna)

14- Emusic: Music, Flute, Feeling Incudement through Music (from the planet Euterpe)