1. Fredderick: The smartest out of them. He wears glasses and reads books. He, however, isn't very strong, and doesn't battle often. He focuses on intelligence and robotic aliens.
  2. Red: The rebellious out of them. He is angry and aggressive, and tends to get in fights he probably wouldn't win. He focuses on strength aliens.
  3. 'Ed: The most blank out of them. He doesn't make any emotions, and usually just goes "Whatever". His aliens are moderate, and he doesn't battle unless directly provoked.
  4. Reddie: The most passionate out of them. She is very sweet tempered, and automatically assumes good intentions, stereotypical girl. She is the only girl. She prefers "cute aliens".
  5. Derrick: The most laid back out of them. He is fun-loving and peaceful. He is a pacifist. His aliens focus on air and flight.