The scene starts on a desert like planet. A man in a black cloak is walking. He stops infront of a border. two meap knights run to him. They take out their weapons, one of them being a sword and the other being a chain.

Meap Knight 1: Stop right there! Do you have authorisation to enter this area?

The man rises his hand in the height of his sholders and shoots a beam at the knights  vaporising him. The otehr kingt then attacks with his chain, but the mand caches it and throws the knight away. he then walks forward , but a barrier is blocking his path so he burns it and walks in the restricted area.

End Scene

In the command center a guy is watching at a monitor that shows the survilance cameras. he notices the man.

Guy: Hey, i think we have a problem, an unauthorised man has entered the area.

The commander takes the radio and messages all personal.

Commander: Attention, an unuthorised man in a black cloak has entered the area. Possibly a beap, be careful. All acive knights, take him down!