Prison Asteroid K-37
Unknown Date 1:04 PM

A Conductoid is blasting his way from prison. Several hoverbots are chasing him while firing lasers. The Coductoid redirected the lasers back at them, blowing them to bits. He steals a police cruiser, activates the hyperdrive, and zooms away.

Pip's Ship
Unknown Date 1:30 PM

Pip is walking around, looking fr something.

Pip: Blank, have you by any chance seen my Binocular Phase Amplifier?

Blank: Your what?

Pip: My Binocular Phase Amplifier; a device that fires a wide cutting beam that can penetrate any metal alloy. Have you seen it?

Blank: Do you mean that wierd doohiky that was in your lab?


Blank: I threw it with the garbage. I thought it was another one of your failed experiments.

Pip: NOOO! Weeks of hard work wasted, gone, never to be seen again.

Suddenly, the Conductoid blasts a hole in Pip' ship and electrocutes Pip.

Conductoid: Where is the Omnigizer, Galvan?

Pip: (weakly) Like I'd ever tell you.

Blank comes out of a room and looks at them. The Conductoid throws Pip away.

Blank: Looks like we got some uninvited guests. (ransforms) Land Shark!

Conductoid: A Chondriterranean? Is that all you got? *laughs*

Land Shark punches him in the face.

Land Shark: Who are you and what to you want from me?

Conductoid: Name's Plugg. Isn't obvious that I'm here for the Omnigizer?

Land Shark: Don't underestimate me.

He tried to hit Plugg several times but he was too fast for him. Plugg electrocutes Land Shark but there was no effect.

Land Shark: You can't beat Land Shark with your kind of power.

Plugg: Oh really.

Plugg grabs Land Shark and slams the Omnigizer.

Blank: Sea Weed? No fair.

Plugg absorbs the energy from the ship and sends Sea Weed flying out of the ship and into space with a blast of electricity.

Pip: Blank! No!

Plugg: You're next little man.

Pip sets the ship to self destruct and flies away in an escape pod.

Plugg: Uh-Oh.

Pip looks at the explosion from his escape pod.

Pip: There's way he could have survived that. I wonder if Blank's okay.

Unknown Date 2 days later...

Blank wakes up in a dark room. He goes out and sees two aliens.

Blank: (transforms) iMan!

iMan charges at them and pins them against a wall.

iMan: Identify yourselves, alien scums!

Alien #1: Relax. We rescued you from the blackness of space. We're not bad guys.

iMan: That's what they all say, but you two don't look like the criminel type.

Alien #2: I'm Winnie and this is my friend Fluffy. We are Ursidaeans; a peaceful race that is under constant threat of attack from the Appoplexians.

iMan reverts back to Blank.

Winnie: Citrakayah, you're a long way from home.

Blank: I'm on a journey to protect the Universe. I've even defeated the not so mighty Vilgax!

Fluffy: Winnie, maybe this Citrakayah can help us.

Winnie: Why not. Blank, we are in grave danger.

Blank: You came to the right guy.

Winnie: The Appoplexians are capturing our kind. We are their primary source of food. Our numbers are devreasing. I'll stop them no problem.

Omnigizer: Uncatalogued DNA detected.

A yellow beam pops out of the Omngizer and scans Winnie and Fluffy.

Omnigizer: DNA scanned and recognised. Ursidaeans. Unlocked and available.

Blank: Awesome!

An earthquake starts.

Winnie: The Appoplexian attack has commenced.

Blank: Let's do this thing!

Blank flies off as Dragonman. He flies over the attacking Appoplexians , breathing fire at them. Several Appoplexians roar at him, causing him to revert back to normal.

Blank: There's too many of 'em. (transforms) Blop!

Blop fires water at all the Appoplexians. They start to panic. Pip's ship comes out of nowhere and opens a huge Null Void portal that sucks in the Appoplexians.Blop: Blop Blop!

Blop reverts.

Pip: I've been searching the entire Galaxy for you!

Blank;; Hey Pip! Check it out!

Blank Transforms.

Blank: Teddy Bear! What do you think? Well? Well??

Pip walks back to the spaceship. Teddy Bear follows him. They fly off Appoplexia.

Blank: I wonder what happened to Plugg.