B23UA BBO Crossover pic

The Rustbucket rockets past the camera, at top speed. Inside, Rook is piloting, while Ben tunrs the dial on the Ultimatrix, cycling through aliens.

(Rook): We are approaching the Chimerais system.

(Ben): Mmhmm..

(Rook): I am getting the feeling that you are not listening to me.

(Ben): As soon as we get back...

(Rook): Apparently I am correct.

Suddenly, the Chimeran Hammer dashes out of hyper space, and starts to fire upon the Rustbucket. Rook jerks the sterring wheel, trying to dodge the attacks.

(Rook): (struggling) Ben, transform, I need assistance!

(Ben): (twisting the dial, but nothing happens) I can't! It's not working!

The Ultimatrix sparks with a mix of blue and green electricity. Then it bursts, sending a bolt of blue-green lightning into the sky, and taking Ben with it.

(Rook): Ben!

End Scene

Bryce is standing in the middle of an odd blue ship, with a blue alien sitting in the pilot's seat.

(Rook): Ben?

(Bryce): Not Ben, but-(the ship saheks from the Chimeran Hammer's guns) What's the issue?

(Rook): Vilagx is attacking our vessel.

(Bryce): (activates the Infinity) I got it(slams the dial down)

(Upgrade): Well, that's not what I was hoping for, but it'll work.

Upgrade merges with the Rustbucket, giving it a bunch of new cannons. Rook hits the triggers, and hundreds of green energy blasts fre from all the new guns. They hit the Hammer, and send it retreating. Upgrade unmerges and reverts.

(Rook): Great improvisation.

(Bryce): Well, I gotta work with what the watch gives me. Where exactly are we?

(Rook): The Chimerais system. Home to Vilgaxia, and several other planets owned by the Chimera.(Bryce gives him a confused look) That is what Vilagx calls his empire.

(Bryce): Ah... So, what are we doing?

(Rook): Ben, my partner, wishes to, how shall I put this, exterminate Vilgax.

(Bryce): While I wouldn't mind him gone, that's not right.

(Rook): I agree, which is why I am turning the ship around. Ben doesn't realize that vengence isn't the answer.

(Bryce): No arguement here..

End Scene

(Ben): What do you mean you don't know who I am?! I'm Ben Tennyson!

(Gwen): Ben... Tennyson?....

(Ben): Yes! Did I stutter?

(Gwen): Ben, I'm Gwen.

(Ben): My cousin? I haven't seen you in years.

(Gwen): Yeah, you don't visit often here either.. what's on your wrist?

(Ben): The Ultimatrix, Azmuth gave me an upgrade recently.

(Gwen): Azmuth... but he gave Bryce his Infinity... how do you have one too?

(Ben): Ohh... I get it, this is one of those Dimensional travel things... I'm not from here, and I can tell. See, where I'm from, I found the Omnitrix in the pod six years ago, and I had been using it to fight evil aliens. But then Azmuth gave me the Ultimatrix, which is supposedly better, but I haven't seen much.

(Gwen): The... pod?

(Ben): I guess the Omnitrix came a different way in this dimension...