Season 1Edit

Title Number Written By Air Date
Surprise Visit 1 UltiVerse
Lego Master
In this episode, Ben-21 succeeds in turning Kevin-21 into a mutant, and now attempts to use the Hands of Armageddon to go to Ben's timeline.
The Chronian Invasion 2 UltiVerse Unknown
Ben-21 sends his Chronian army to invade Dimension 0.
Barrage 3 Unknown Unknown
Ben gains the a new Omnitrix, and Aggregor returns.
The Hero and the Huntsman 4 UltiVerse
Khyber returns with all new fused Nemetrix predator minions in an attempt to kidnap Ben, but after seeing Eunice around, he intends to get both.
Alpha Returns 5 Unknown Unknown
Alpha finally escapes his sphere and is absorbing everything from the Null Void. When everything goes wrong, Ben is forced to call for an old friend.
Forgive and Forget 6 Unknown Unknown
Feeling something missing in her life, Charmcaster decides to find Darkstar and get back together.
Reassemble 7 Unknown Unknown
The Forever Knights are now deciding who should be king, and whoever finishes a special assault course is the victor.
Not Feeling Like Myself 8 Unknown Unknown
Ben and Gwen switch bodies during a battle with Vulkanus, and now, not only do they have to deal with a few Undertown thugs attempting to go on a stealing spree, but they have to live out each other's lives!
Waste Land of Paradise 9 Unknown Unknown
Ben and co find out that the amount of garbage in the Pacific Ocean has increased, and intend to get rid of it, but there are alien colonies living on it.
The Conquerer Attacks 10 Unknown Unknown
Having trained extensively, Vilgax returns to settle a score with not just Ben, but Max as well.
Ben 10: Rising Protector of Multi Omniverses 11 Unknown Unknown
Ben-21 invades three alternate Earths to gain the Bens' Omnitrixes.
Ben 10: Fall of the Omniverse 12 UltiVerse
Everything goes wrong when Ben's Infinimatrix is tampered with, leaving him with new aliens, Rook meets his arch-enemy, and Gwen and Kevin deal with a clone of one of Ben's old enemies.

Season 2Edit

Title Number Written By Air Date
Distraction 13 Unknown Unknown
While Gwen and Kevin go on a date, Ben and Rook must prevent Darkstar and his new team from reaching Gwen.
Simulation 14 Unknown Unknown
Ben and co must survive a strange simulated world while trying to figure out who put them there in the first place.
Mutation Domination 15 Unknown Unknown
Dr. Animo finds an abandoned nest of Xenocytes. He brings them back to his lair to mutate them, and contacts Clancy to join him in his revolution.
Bullies in a China Shop 16 Unknown Unknown
J.T. and Cash make a bold decision by going to the Plumbers' Academy.
Galactic Enforcers: Comeback 17 Unknown Unknown
The Galactic Enforcers, now with three new members, come to Earth to ask Ben and his team to aid them in stopping Vilgax from invading Lewoda.
Trapped in a Ship 18 Unknown Unknown
While on a journey to Terminus 3, Ben and co and Tetrax are stuck in Tetrax's ship with no way out.
Remember to Remember 19 Unknown Unknown
After a battle with the Forever Knights, Ben gets hit on the head and gets amnesia, and the fastest and best way to cure him is to get a special potion, which is in the posession of Charmcaster.
Take Me To Your Crime Boss 20 Unknown Unknown
A feline-like crime boss named Gerzago releases Techadons to Earth.
You Are Getting Very Sleepy 21 Unknown Unknown
Sublimino returns and hypnotizes Ben, Gwen and Kevin. Rook must set out to defeat him.
The Grass is Greener 22 Unknown Unknown
Ben and co end up in an alternate timeline where Upchuck Norris rules the world.
Target: Earth: Part 1 23 Unknown Unknown
With Vilgax becoming more of a major threat than before, he sends a fleet of the deadliest insects and drones in his army.
Target: Earth: Part 2 24 Unknown Unknown
Ben goes to Vilgaxia to negotiate with Vilgax to stop the invasion on Earth.

Season 3Edit

Title Number Written By Air Date
Lackeys United 25 Unknown Unknown
The Mummy, Kuphulu and Dr. Viktor unite to find the remains of their master on Anur Transyl.
Goin' Rogue 26 Unknown Unknown
A rogue Breccian named Rozan teams up with Aggregor to destroy Kinet for its artifacts.
All Because of Gold 27 Unknown Unknown
Ben and co find a pot of gold at the other side of a rainbow, but they soon realize that it's actually a source of energy for Zombozo's machine.
The Mob 28 Unknown Unknown
Ben goes undercover with Kevin and Rook to scope out Undertown of all the criminals there when they find out Psyphon is once again running his own operations. Now with a big army, can they defeat Psyphon?
Rook in the Void 29 Unknown Unknown
Rook is trapped in the Null Void after attempting to finish a mission. With Kevin at a car show, Ben and Gwen have to save Rook.
Ultimate Power Source 30 Unknown Unknown
The Mummy and Kuphulu return to their home planet, Anur Khufos, to gather all sources of Corrodium.
Bad Nightmares 31 Unknown Unknown
Zs'Skayr, now fully revived, haunts Ben in his dreams.
Ghosts and Vladats 32 Unknown Unknown
Zs'Skayr revives the Vladats from extinction, and they attack space.
Visiting Viscosia 33 Unknown Unknown
Ben and co travel to Viscosia to witness the opening of the Ben 10 Museum, only to find out that the planet is under attack.
Diagon Returns: Part 1 34 Unknown Unknown
The Ascalon is broken, and Diagon is freed. He attempts to get to the Forge by collecting all 4 pieces of the Map of Infinity, using Kuphulu and the rest of Zs' Skayr's lackeys as servants.
Diagon Returns: Part 2 35 Unknown Unknown
With two pieces left to collect, Ben and co have to try their best to defeat Diagon.
Diagon Returns: Part 3 36 Unknown Unknown
With Diagon and his servants at the Forge, will it be the end?

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

Original EpisodesEdit

These are all the episodes of the series prior to its reboot ('O' stands for 'original').

Title Number Written By Air Date
Azmuth's Invention O-1 UltiVerse
Lego Master
Aggregor plans to absorb Ben's Omnitrix. This time Ben has more tricks up his sleeve.
Wrath of the Xenocytes O-2 UltiVerse
Lego Master
Tetrax becomes a DNAlien under the evil of Queen Zuno and her Xenocytes!
The Trouble With Doubles O-3 UltiVerse
Lego Master
Ben gets teleported to a place where he is forced to fight alien simulations - the Infinimatrix.
Escape From the Infinimatrix O-4 UltiVerse
Lego Master
Ben finds Albedo jury rigging the core of the Infinimatrix. What could be worse?
Bait O-5 UltiVerse 24/11/2012
Gwen breaks her leg after a fight with rock monsters, and Hex uses that to lure Ben into a trap.
Fusing Some Enemy Butt O-6 UltiVerse
Lego Master
Dr Animo's mutant frog fuses with Clancy's bugs to become a powerful adversary for Ben.
Factorial Doom O-7 UltiVerse 25/5/2012
A new villain named Gilvix rises and creates robotic minions looking like Ben's old enemies!
Wrath of Vilgax O-8 UltiVerse
Lego Master
Vilgax is confirmed to be alive and has the powers of heroes from 100 worlds and he demands revenge on Ben! Ben will have to use all his powers to try and beat him.
A Trip To...Nowhere O-9 UltiVerse
Lego Master
The team find the Forever Knights wanting to kill the dragon seen in Be-Knighted.
To The Past O-10 UltiVerse
Lego Master
Vilgax goes back to the past to get the prototype Omnitrix from Young Ben.
Clown Catastrophe O-11 UltiVerse 25/6/2012
Zombozo and his Circus Freaks reunite.
Forever Stealing O-12 UltiVerse 12/1/2013
Being a hidden episode in the original series, the Forever Knights attack Young Ben and co at Wisconsin, stealing prototype Omnitrix DNA and using the alien powers in fusion guns.
Rumors and Lies O-13 UltiVerse 9/7/2012
Will Harangue tries to make rumors about Ben on TV.
Summer Again O-14 UltiVerse
Lego Master
The Awesome Jack
11-year old Ben and Gwen start their next summer, when Vulkanus returns for the prototype Omnitrix.
Truce O-15 UltiVerse 21/1/2013
Eon frees Aggregor from hyperspace, only to form a truce to defeat Ben.
Ultimate Escape O-16 UltiVerse
The Awesome Jack
Ben gets trapped in the Infinimatrix as Sentient Ultimate Fasttrack, Sentient Ultimate Buzzshock and Sentient Ultimate Scorch demand freedom!
Hero's Challenge O-17 UltiVerse 1/12/2013
Carl Nesmith escapes from prison and immediately starts acting like a hero once again, and after Ben defeats a crook before him, he kidnaps Ben's teammates and challenges Ben to a duel live in front of the citizens of Bellwood.
Controlled O-18 UltiVerse
The Awesome Jack
Queen Zuno returns and controls Ben, and now she uses the Infinimatrix to destroy all.
Ben-Blank: Protectors of the Omnigizer O-19 UltiVerse
Prom Not To Be O-20 UltiVerse 18/3/2013
Gwen and Kevin want to go to the town prom just days away, but due to villains attacking, they end up giving up, and become sad and not in the mood for anything. Now, Ben must set things right.
Doom Date O-21 UltiVerse
The Awesome Jack
Ben and Julie go on a date, and Julie makes Ben promise that he wouldn't use the Infinimatrix. Can Ben do that when evil attacks?
Behind the Mask O-22 UltiVerse
The Awesome Jack
Psyphon betrays Vilgax and becomes a galaxy lord.
Quest to Conquer O-23 UltiVerse
The Awesome Jack
Vilgax challenges Ben to a Rule Delta duel to finish him off once and for all.
When Things Are Altered O-24 UltiVerse
The Awesome Jack
Eon goes back in time and destroys Max, leaving the remaining Plumbers to fix time. This episode is dedicated to the series' anniversary.
Play It Back Again O-25 UltiVerse
The Awesome Jack
Ben is stuck in several time loops catching Sweet-Eels Sparklefunk, so Gwen, Kevin and Rook have to find a way to stop it.