650px The Anur Chronicles is a series by Ahmad and Charbel. It is a crossover mini-series of Blank and the Omnigizer and 40: The Last Splixson.


The United Anur Rulers Council plot to create an Ultra-Nuclear Bomb! The League of Paradoxes sends Fred and Blank, united together to get them and defuse the Nuclear Reactors. Together, the two journey across the seven Anur Planets, Anur Khofos, Anu Milligian, Luna Lobo, Anur G'rnay, Anur Ormermow, Anur Vladius, Anur Transyl and Anur Phaetos itself! They will deal with powerful villains, such as Lord Transyl, Zs'Skayr, Copernicus Gill, Mo'adamus and more! Stay tuned for the new Ahmawesome and Charbeltastic series starring characters from their series 40: The Last Splixson and Blank and the Omnigizer together!


  1. Crystal Desert (pilot)
  2. Swamp of All Fears
  3. Moon Essence
  4. Graveyards
  5. Vampire at Twilight
  6. Land of Phantoms, Part 1: The Terror Within
  7. Land of Phantoms, Part 2: The Masterminds (finale)




The United Anur Rulers CouncilEdit

  • Khafra'a, Pharoah of Anur Khufos
  • Copernicus Gill, Oceanid of Anur Milligan
  • Selene, Lady of the Loboans
  • Aegiad, King of Anur Ormerow
  • Mo'adamus, Epnis of Anur G'rnay (Skeleton Species)
  • Heinz, Commissioner of Anur Transyl
  • Lord Transyl, Lord of Anur Vladius
  • Zs'Skayr, the ruler of the Council


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  • Almost every species possesses a language different than English.