Ideas by ShahZebEdit

An unamed genie that can control sand . 

Venomspit: He is a snake like alien that can spit venom and has enhanced speed and agility .

Unamed leprechuan that can fire rainbow beams

Unamed shadow alien that can control darkness

A tree in which a ghost is hidden . This ghost can spit spirits that can posses others

Dinowave: A dinosaur with enhance strength . He can create vaccum explosions and attack enemies with pure force

Firecracker: A muscular alien with a horn instead of a nose. He can explode , can clone himself and make an explosive powder .

Megaton: An alien that resemble a berserker nobodies butwith omnitrix colours. He wields a sword with awsome skill .

A ghost that can create illusions .

A zombie that has strength , can regenrate and create a toxic gas .

More will be added .