These are additional aliens to the original 40.

  1. Knightle
  2. Destruction: He has powerful strength, able to lift a huge spaceship with one arm. His body is made of indestructible metal, and he is completely invulnerable to physical attacks. However, he is sensitive to electricity and magnetism.
  3. Ragbag (Unconfirmed)
  4. Marklitz (Unconfirmed)
  5. Dinomight (Unconfirmed)
  6. Anthroxin
  7. Pixagonal/Mayagonal
  8. Wreckit: He is extremely destructive able to level buildings with their harder than steel wrecking ball fists. Wreckit also use their mouths like bulldozers fronts.
  9. Syncrome: Synchrome is a peculiar creature, this pair is one single entity, impossible to separate each other as they are linked by a psychic and magnetic connection. Another peculiarity is that one is made of positive energy, and the other is Negative energy, which may explain their magnetic connection. The range they can be separate is very limited, just a few feet from each other in fact, and they both move in perfect unison and symmetry to the other. The two bodies can also join together to form a single body when needed.
  10. Rubix-Dude: This alien is made of 27 blocks, that are all connected by a hive mind inteligence. It alters it's parameters by adjusting the faces on it's body when they join together.
  11. Checkmate: has the ability to take on the form of the sixteen pieces of the Chess. Each piece has certain abilities that are drawn directly from their abilities in the game. He is humanoid with a human-like appearance. He wears a simple silver crown on his head, a knight peace on his right shoulder, a rook piece on his left, a cross on his torso, and sports a black-and-white checkered cape similar to a chess table.

King: ability to create and command an army of pawns.

Queen: can fight as effectively as a much larger group

Bishop: Healing

Knight: able to instantly understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and anticipating their moves (Weapon proficiency)

Rook: able to create weapons and vehicles from inside his body, which looks like a actually military base. They are manifested outside by creating exits such as hangers doors and gun-ports. 

Pawn: Duplication - Enhanced Combat