Ben: Nananananananananananana!


Walaktrout: ye! I love u.

Worst: I love u tu.

Walkatrout: let’s marry!

Worst: sure, my muther will rule your life!

Walkatrout: yey!

Suddenly, worst’s mother comes in with a scythe in her hand.

Worst mother/Grim Reaper: I am ur mother-in-law. Become my slave or die!

Wlakatrout: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

Ben shoots him.

Worst: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-y? y wud u du that? Y wud u du that? My mother will avenge her!

Worst Mother/Grim Reaper: Sure, son.

Worst Mother swings her scythe at ben. The latter transforms into Ghostfreak to defend himself.

Worst Mother/Grim Reaper: Wow. U’re so handsome, marry me!

Ghostfreak: Sure thing!

The scene cuts to the Church, the ringing of bells is heard. Ghostfreak is wearing a tuxedo. The Worst walks her mother down to the aisle who is wearing a beautiful white gown. Morgan Freeman is standing there for no reason.

Morgan Freeman: Do you, Worst Mother slash Grim Reaper take Ben Tennyson slash Ghostfreak as your husband?

Worst Mother/Grim Reaper: Ye.

Morgan Freeman: And do you, Ben Tennyson slash Ghostfreak take Worst Mother slash Grim Reaper as your wife?

Ghsotfreak: Yep.

Morgan Freeman: Now, the people who have any problem regarding this marriage may speak now or remain silent forever.

Molestache: I du!

Everyone: Molestache!

Jimmy Jones: I do!

Jimmy’s Mother: wut da heck, son?

Jimmy kicks her in the belly.

Kai: I do!

Gwen: What in the blistering barnacles is going on here?!

Molestache: I luv Worst Mother slash Grim Reaper more than Ben, I will keep her healthy and happy for all the days that she will live.

Gwen: What about u, Jimmy? Y don’t u want dis marriage to occur?

Jimmy: Well, I wasn’t getting a gud picture to post at my blog so I thought maybe I can stall the wedding while Olaf takes the picture. The scene cuts to them looking at Olaf from Frozen who’s taking pictures of Worst Mother and ben.

Olaf: O hey there.

Gwen: And wut about u, Kai?

Kai: Meh, I was just bored so I decided to crash this fake wedding.

Mystery Incorporated: JINKIES! A FAKE WEDDING?!

Ben: Yeah, I hate worst mother. I don’t marry her. Molestache, u can have her as ur wife.

Molestache and Worst Mother: Ye!

Ben: Jimmy and Olaf, u can have your pictures.

Jimmy and Olaf: Ye!

Ben: And Kai, let’s marry for real dis time.

Kai: Ye!

Kevin: What about Gwen and my wedding?

Gwen: What? U really wanna marry me, oh Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, I even bought u dis epic ring.

Kevin takes out a donut.

Gwen: That’s a…donut.

Kevin: No, sweetheart. This ring is a product of true love.

Gwen: No, it’s a donut.

Kevin: Whatevs.

Suddenly, Kevin explodes. Gwen screams.

Narrator: Whenever a girl screams, Kevin explodes.

Gwen screams, Kevin explodes again.

Narrator: Whenever a girl says ‘no’ Kevin explodes.

Gwen: NO, WA-

Kevin explodes.

Narrator: Whenever a girl says ‘What?’ Kevin explodes.

Gwen: wait, what?

Kevin explodes.

StreetM: Hey, stop, narrator!

Narrator: Make me.

StreetM makes the Narrator to stop.

Narrator: ok, u win, I stop.

Streetm: ye!

StreetM, the new narrator: And then they lived happily forever after.



No, it’s not. The scene cuts to 10 years later, the world is doomed.

World: Hey, folks. I’m dumed.

ben is a piece of banana.


professor paradox was stuck in a time loop that made him a baby.

Baby Paradox: r u my mommy?

Hobble married Charmcaster.

Charmcaster: dis is awkward.

Azmuth started acting like a 4 year old jerk wid no life.

Julie: I married herve.

Kevin, holding the donut in his hand: I married this beautiful ring.

Aggregor: I married Elsa.

Ben 23, kissing a street light: I married this weird street light.

Vilgax: I married a shoe. 

Rook: I married Perry the Platypus.